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In Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps

Da Vinci was a “true left-hander”.

“In 1880, Karl Vogt, in his study Writing Physiologically Considered, attested that writing from right to left is indeed the natural way to write for left-handers. This observation is particularly referred to in Jules Crépieux-Jamin’s L’ABC de la graphologie (The ABC of graphology). This was the case with Leonardo da Vinci, whose genius is legendary and who remains for us left-handers a master and a role model. As we know, Da Vinci was a “true left-hander”; 14 manuscripts were discovered in which he wrote entirely from right to left, amounting to thousands of pages... But why did he copy whole sections from grammar, vocabulary and Latin conjugation books?”* Leonardo da Vinci was not just anybody. Yet, there are many left-handers who write in their dominant opening direction, i.e. from right to left. They do so because it is more enjoyable for them but also because it soothes their brains. The majority are also left-eyed, so this allows them to visually follow what they are writing in their opening direction also. Thus they maintain their original brain function.

Today, more and more left-handers use tracing paper notebooks. It is a pleasure for them to have quality tools at their disposal, equivalent to those available to right-handers. Not only do they enjoy writing in this way, they can also be read by right-handers. *Testimonial from Gauchers en difficulté - La latérapédagogie, une richesse inexploitée, published by Pierre Téqui, p.29: Joëlle Morice Mugnier suggests a few answers to questions emanating from Leonardo da Vinci’s genius.

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