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A patient’s dad discovers he is left-handed!

I discovered I was left-handed during the first session for our son.

You checked my wife, my son and me, and we all proved to be left-eyed.

The work for our son – a challenged homogeneous left-hander – has started, and you have also suggested that I practise writing with my left hand at home.

At first, I thought this was quite an odd idea, but took a piece of paper at home and wrote from right to left with my left hand. It took me a second session to understand how to form the letter o, and once I understood that, I knew how to draw all the other letters and I carried on from right to left... And I actually ENJOYED it! Really enjoyed it. My hand-writing was smooth, the lines were fluid – a real pleasure.

Something else came to light: when I write with my left hand, my right eye is very focussed as my hand hides what is coming from my left eye, so that my right eye is active, as well as my left brain hemisphere.

I was also very surprised to notice, during another session, that I was good at drawing what was in front of me (a landscape) with my left hand, and this without tiring, whereas I know to be rubbish at drawing with my right hand. I could feel that with my left hand, right eye and left brain, I was never bothered by all sorts of emotions and could achieve piles of work, analyse and draw while keeping focussed.

I then tried to use my right hand again, so left eye and right brain for me, and I immediately experienced waves of emotions, daydreaming, and so on... This is a nice state of mind, it makes me creative, but to be honest, I’d happily leave it behind at times and let the hard-working side of me come fully to the fore.

Finally, this morning, for Music Day, I was playing the recorder for the children at the nursery. I then realised that the main hand holding the recorder is the LEFT hand! “Could the recorder be a therapeutic instrument for left-handers?”, I wondered. Why not?

Thank you!

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